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A new human tragedy that increases the suffering of our people in Palestine. Hundreds of wounded are in urgent need of treatment and medicine, and dozens of families are left without shelter, food or medicine after their homes were destroyed.
The Palestine crisis remains in urgent need of every relief and emergency effort to provide relief to its people and provide short and long-term solutions to alleviate the ordeal and restore normal life in the Palestinian territories.
A third of the population of Palestine lives below the poverty line, and had it not been for relief efforts from outside the Palestinian territories, the Palestinians would not have been able to complete life and steadfastness. Thousands of families suffer from poverty, financial 
deprivation and a complete lack of resources.


Overnight, Palestine faces once again a dangerous escalation in its situation, with the number of deaths in the Gaza Strip exceeding 100 people, and the curve of injuries has increased in a way that affects the health sector worn out by the blockade.
The Gaza blockade is entering its fifteenth year by land, air and sea, and Palestinians continue to feel insecure in their country with severe economic damage due to the ongoing conflict. About two million Palestinians suffer from poverty, hunger and disease.
With your urgent support, Al-Amal can provide food and medical assistance to families in Gaza
This appeal will enable our teams in Gaza to respond to the immediate needs of providing housing, food, and the health and psychological needs of people affected by the war on Gaza. “The people of Gaza are once again suffering great suffering and many of them lost their lives or were seriously injured. And thousands of people are living. Now in a situation of dire need, this escalation on Gaza is adding to the suffering of Gaza as a result of the protracted humanitarian crisis it has faced for more than fifteen years.
Donate now in our relief campaign and contribute to alleviating the suffering of our Palestinian people, by providing urgent health services to those affected, distributing personal hygiene bags and preventing the Corona epidemic, rehabilitating and equipping health centers and hospitals to accommodate the largest number of sick and injured people, and providing the necessary foodstuffs to the affected families.




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Al Amal International Charity Organization was an initiative by a group of young volunteers, working in the humanitarian field in Lebanon. The group was inspired by communicating with Turkish personalities of Syrian origin; hence the initiative became a legal reality.

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