In Ramadan, support orphans, widows and the needy (Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen)


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To provide food and basic necessities to our refugee families, widows and orphans in Yemen, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon. Ten years of war in Syria have devastated the country, leaving behind traces of destruction and death. Six million people are currently trapped in Idlib. Most people live below the poverty line and it is difficult for them to survive. Winter is harsh, summer is hot, and it gets even harder when the thin tent is protection.

Why should you help now?


We work on long-term sustainable projects and not just seed aid. We are working to help refugees in Syria and the needy in Yemen, Palestine and Lebanon We are teaching a new generation so that they can rebuild Syria. We provide a high level of feedback so that the donor relates to the people they are trying to help.


Project Description :

The fasting breakfast project is one of the most important projects implemented by the association during the holy month of Ramadan. In this project, cooked meals and food baskets are prepared and distributed to needy displaced people and refugees according to the census schedules prepared in the targeted areas


The project targeted displaced families and the poor in areas of greatest need:
Components of project activities:

Evaluating the needs of the targeted areas of the project. Developing a distribution plan for the targeted areas. Preparing lists of beneficiaries. Preparing the meal to contain the nutrients needed by the fasting person. Distribute meals to the pre-defined areas in the distribution plan


Al-Amal organization

Al Amal International Charity Organization was an initiative by a group of young volunteers, working in the humanitarian field in Lebanon. The group was inspired by communicating with Turkish personalities of Syrian origin; hence the initiative became a legal reality.

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