Alamal International Charity

About Us

The initiative to establish the International Hope Charity Organization belongs to a group of young volunteers who were interested in humanitarian work, and they were working in Lebanon.

The founding team was inspired by the idea of ​​the organization by communicating with Turkish personalities of Syrian origin, so the idea and initiative became a legal reality!

Founding reason

Despite the large number of civil organizations, they were not sufficient to manage humanitarian crises and wars that left more disasters, and major gaps emerged in the field of humanitarian work. Therefore, Al-Amal organization was established to try to meet individual and societal needs.

business sectors

Health and psychosocial support



Food security

Rapid intervention during disasters




The organization works on urgent humanitarian issues in various countries of the world

Such as: Turkey - Syria - Lebanon - Palestine - Yemen

What are you characterized by?

Most Turkish organizations and associations focus on the Syrian suffering only in the north. However, Al-Amal Organization is concerned with the Syrian issue in addition to other humanitarian issues in the Arab region.

It seeks to represent the organization in more than one country in the Middle East region, during the next ten years.

The method of work

Recruitment - Volunteer - Partnerships

Alamal International Charity

Al Amal International Charity Organization was an initiative by a group of young volunteers, working in the humanitarian field in Lebanon. The group was inspired by communicating with germany personalities of Syrian origin; hence the initiative became a legal reality.

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